Friday, October 10, 2014

Roll Tide slouchy beanie

College football season is upon us. In actuality, it's been upon us for several months now, but I've been in denial. Last weekend marked a major blow to my family's college football fandom and not one but two of the teams we cheer for fell out of the running for the playoffs. In all sincerity, I couldn't care less. But I live in a house where people do care, so I feign interest. And in feigning interest, I decided to create a college football inspired hat.

Minor disclaimer: We live about as far from Alabama as one could get, but we have a relative who is currently attending that university and so it has become a team that we follow and Miss Nins has taken this fandom to new levels (for someone in our location).

Since Nins' head continues to grow, physically not figuratively, she needed a new hat for this fall. In her requests, she mentioned wanting an Alabama themed cap, so I went with the least flamboyant theme I could think of, though I do love the elephant ears others have created.

The black and white is representative of the hounds-tooth made famous by legendary coach Bear Bryant and the red rose for UA's crimson tide (which if you ask me is an awful name for a football team).

The band consists of rows of single stitches in the back loop only (I chained 11 and single stitched 10 until I got to the circumference of her head then did two more for good measure). The hounds-tooth look is created by alternating rows of black and white puff stitches (I did 17 rows, 8 in white and 9 in black to create the top).  I used the seam up technique to create the slouchy effect (search youtube for some great tutorials). The rose was made using double crochets only, so that it was a bit looser than other roses I have made, but I liked the size so I rolled with the tide.

I made the beanie a bit big so hopefully this slouchy hat will last us for several football seasons to come. Though there is an added bonus: if the losing streak continues, no one need know that this hat was Alabama themed as it looks nice without the knowledge of the fandom.

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