Monday, October 6, 2014

Hobbes crochet doll

A lot of my creations tend to revolve around the things that my family likes (naturally). I made the Firefly hat because we like Firefly. I made a Captain America hat because we like Avengers. So it's fitting that I would create a doll fashioned after one our all time favorite stuffed animals: Hobbes.

We read Calvin and Hobbes most days - my kids love it, my husband loves it, and I love it. When Wookie was a newborn and up a million times in the night, Husband would get up with me and read from one of our various C & H collections.

I believe we have amassed the entire works of Bill Watterson. We love and respect Mr. Watterson for the characters that he has drawn and the joy that they bring. He values privacy and avidly hates merchandising so I was (am) hesitant to showcase our own Hobbes in this space. However, I have absolutely no intention of selling a pattern or the final product (not that my kids would ever let me).

We love our Hobbes and the wisdom he daily imparts. Thank you Mr. Watterson!

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