Thursday, January 15, 2015

Woolly Cowl

Over the summer at our local farmer's market, a family owned and operated sheep farm sold a skein of natural wool (and a 2 lb shoulder roast consumed for Christmas) to an ever-growing family. With some slight manipulation that skein of yarn turned into a warm, woolly cowl.

Without following a particular pattern, I really just eye-balled the size, measured against my own neck, until it seemed like the right fit. I worked double crochets in the round for 9 rows. No television show to gage a time frame, just me and my oldest hooking along in bed during a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Spring scarf

Yes, yes, a spring scarf for Christmas. The recipient is somewhat of a scarf aficionado and owns several (and that's putting it mildly) so I wanted to create something that was more unique and unlike what she already owned, hence a Spring scarf for winter.

This scarf is quite ridiculously long as I got a bit carried away with the chain at the beginning and did approximately 216 (if not more). It was quite fun to make, as it follows a similar rhythm to the ripple blanket, and only took a few episodes of Psych to whip together. I love the wavy texture and the bright yellow color. I think that during the dark days of winter it'll be a beacon of what's to come: Spring! 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fox cup cozy

Now that Christmas has passed and we've rung in the festivities of the New Year, I can share a few of the items that I made for gifts. I kept it fairly small and simple seeing as I'm currently growing a human and raising several others. Starting with this Fox cup cozy:

Using hardly any yarn, and very little time, the project took a total of two episodes of Sledgehammer to complete, including the base and assembly. The adorable pattern can be found here. I followed the pattern exactly, but seeing as I don't drink coffee and don't have any fancy cups to try it out on I just guess that the sizing width work. Making this foxy cozy gave me an excuse to bring back into my family's (and now your) lives the greatest song of 2013.