Monday, October 13, 2014

Rocket man space quilt

Otherwise known as the easiest quilt ever.

After finishing the two quilts for the girls, I felt it only necessary to make a quilt for Little Man. I wanted something that wasn't too technically challenging after reeling a bit from matching up squares for Nins' quilt, so I took the easiest route I could find. I took half a yard of each fabric (5 in total) and cut them into strips. I wanted to showcase the fun comic looking fabric and the astronomical map so they were four inches in width while the others were cut at two inches

Did a bit of "fancy" quilting and stitched a quarter inch between the fabric (instead of in the ditch as I had with the other two) creating just a bit of texture.

I followed a great tutorial from Wild Olive that showed how to bind using a running stitch (also if you get a chance to look around, her site is absolutely fabulous and full of super projects. I'm currently in her 50 States Stitching Club, which I'll be sharing more about later).

As for the backing, I used (can you guess?) a sheet that we had on hand, am I predictable or what? This quilt was so easy to put together and took me less than a week from start to finish. I might just get the hang of this sewing thing after all (but I won't be turning in my hooks any time soon).

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