Thursday, April 16, 2015

Treading water

I have a serious case of the funks.

I am working on a blanket and am so ridiculously close to finishing but somehow keep mismanaging time to actually get it completed. For my birthday, I got a pattern that I am so excited to try, plus numerous modifications are playing around in my brain. I'm working on an embroidery piece that isn't turning out quite how I imagined. The 50 States quilt is being made with snail-like progress but at least all the current patterns are traced and ready for needle and thread. I want to give knitting a go because I have found at least two patterns that I must try but am terrified because two needles seems much more daunting than one hook. All this in addition to the normal - husband, kids, homeschooling, work, cooking, sleep - and the abnormal - the last few weeks have been a mental mind suck. So many metaphorical bombs were dropped that in refuge copious amounts of ice cream were consumed (Ben and Jerry's "Everything But The..." did a great job consoling). I've been a bit slow to recover from the carnage of said bombs.

Alas, time moves forward and my list of things to-do keeps growing much too quickly and all the plans of posts that I want to publish (you should see my drafts page) get pushed to the back-burner every single time, because I actually need the time to finish and photograph all the aforementioned projects. Soon. Soon my act will be gotten together and consistent posts will be published. Soon I will progress in all my crafting endeavors. Soon I will discover a time turner. Soon. Until then.

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