Monday, April 6, 2015

Crimson Trail

The canyon boasts extensive and varying landscapes as we discovered in our attempt to hike the Crimson trail. The trail starts as a nature walk along the river, filled with cat tails, hyper-green moss, wooded forests, floating ducks, and birdsong. After about a mile or so, the trail does a 180 at a steep incline, weaving above the tree-line and into the rocky limestone mountain. The path itself changes from standard dirt to loose rocks; the views are nothing short of beautiful, though thighs will be burning.

On this particular day, I had Baby Boy strapped to my front and a pack laden with food, water, and hot chocolate on my back. Not the best idea. I felt off-balance and unsure of my footing so we turned back before completing the trail. Although after a closer look at the guide, I can honestly say that I have no idea where we were. There are so many paths that converge and diverge that it is highly possible we were on an entirely different trail.

The girls did wonderfully. They climbed the whole way with little assistance and very minimal complaints and Little Man traveled in his pack pointing out all the things he found interesting. The weather turned cold as we returned to the car so we lunched from within the confines of our van. It proceeded to snow upon arrival home. It's been the strangest winter I have ever experienced. We've had mild summer temperatures in the morning and snow in the afternoon. I suppose I am glad that I get the best of both worlds: a wonderful hike in the morning and soup and snuggles in the evening.

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