Thursday, April 9, 2015

Throwback // Travel // Iceland

It seems like lately everyone is traveling to Iceland. It could be that I have a skewed sampling since my sources are travel blogs and a colleague who is in fact Icelandic. It makes sense that if you love to travel you would travel to Iceland. And it makes even more sense that if you were Icelandic you would travel to your Icelandic home, but I feel like everywhere I turn more and more people are vacationing there. And I don't blame them.

Iceland was the most spectacular vacation EVER! Again my bias may be showing since it was the last vacation we took (almost three years ago!!!) and I would love to travel abroad again, but four kids under 8 make big travels more difficult. For now, I remain satisfied with our local/regional excursions and I really can't complain.

Iceland is surreally beautiful. Words (and photos) cannot do the island justice. We went in late July and the lighting was perfect the entire time, even at three in the morning. We spent three days, used Reykjavik as our base, and rented a car to tour the surrounding area including the Golden Circle which included the major waterfalls Skogafoss and Gullfoss, and Thingvellir where the Icelandic parliament was held. We also took a whale and puffin watching excursion. We were total tourists. I hope someday we can return and do a full island tour and visit places off the beaten path.

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