Monday, December 14, 2015

Lucia's light

I absolutely love this holiday! I am so pleased we instituted it last year and that everyone was on-board, nay, excited and insistent to do it again this year. I'm pretty sure this is now a hard and fast tradition and I couldn't be more pleased. A lot of time with traditions it feels like I am forcing things that no one really wants to do, but not St. Lucia. This is a holiday everyone in the house gets on board for (even if it is just for the food).

We started the festivities on Saturday by visiting the lights at gorgeous Temple Square. We met husband's sister, ate an early dinner, explored the incredible City Creek Mall (the fire in the fountains was a big hit), and munched on Rocky Mountain Chocolate. So delicious.  We heard rather than saw the nativity presentation, there were so many people and it was super chilly. But soul filling.

I made Nins a brand new St. Lucia dress (using the same Geranium pattern as her Thanksgiving dress, but lengthened the skirt and fully lined the inside since you know, white). Her one last year was a haphazardly, patched together old t-shirt of mine that was here Leia dress for Halloween; so this year, I made her one special. Traditionally, the oldest daughter wears a crown of candles, though usually electric ones are used until about 12. Of course, this year I ran out of time to make the crowns, next year. We ate heartily on Swedish pancakes for breakfast (so so good) and homemade Swedish meatballs for dinner while listening to this beautiful video surrounded by the soft light of candles.

There couldn't be a more perfect time for this holiday; the days sure are short here in the valley and the nights are long, but I love any excuse to turn my tree lights on at four in the afternoon (heck if I'm home they are on all day). This beautiful festival of light was originally held on what was thought to be the shortest day of the year or Winter Solstice. It proclaims light and joy and hope.  Perfect for paving the way for Christmas where the birth of the light of the world is celebrated.


  1. what a lovely tradition and I adore the photos of the children they look so peaceful and reflective. I hope you are having fun getting ready for the big day!! I am nearly ready. Nearly...

  2. We love to celebrate St Lucia's Day here too. We made lussebullar which we ate in the afternoon by the fire with a hot drink and a story. Your photos are lovely :)